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Robber killed in 'gunfight' in Mithapukur

02 Jan, 2017 18:35:26

Rangpur Correspondent:A Robber named Rahat, 40, was killed in a `gunfight’ withpolice inthe area ofBheluyaof Mithapukur Upazila in Rangpur.

Including copAbdur Rahimmurder, multiple robbery and hijacking cases were filed against killer Rahat, said police.

Rahat issonof Shohidullah in the village of Bujruk Santoshpur of Mithapukur.

Humayun Kabir, officer-in-charge (OC) of Mithapukur, said, Rahat was arrested on Sunday night. Police recovered weapons with him in the morning. After initial interrogation, getting secret information from Rahat in the morning, he was taken to recover the weapon. When we reached in the bridge of Bheluyara Upazila, associates of Rahat began to fire on the police. The police fired back for self-defense. The robber was killed on the spot.

During the gunbattle, including one Sub-Inspector (SI) Shapanand one constable were wounded. Police rescued a one-shooter gun and four bullets from the spot.

The body has been sent to Rangpur Medical College Hospital for autopsy.