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Miraz’s concentration now on batting

16 Apr, 2017 19:59:00


Tigers’ emerging all-rounder Mehedi Hasan Miraz is not pleased enough with his current batting stats. He wants to score big to show his talent in batting.

The right-hander did not have much runs in batting since his advent in national team.

After his debut in International cricket, Miraz had made one fifty each in ODI cricket and Test cricket. His average in Tests is 14.53. He wants more runs to contribute for his team.

 Miraz said, “My stats showed clearly, I couldn’t do well with batting. I believe I am far better batsman than what my stats showed. All that I need a big score in any format of the cricket to justify my talent.”


“I am now batting lower down the batting order. There is limited opportunity to make big score from the position I am batting now. But still I can contribute and I need to do that. If I can give some runs, it’ll come as good for our team,” he added.