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10 firefighters and a vet rescue 25-year-old horse trapped

18 Apr, 2017 20:17:00

A horse was rescued from a mud pit by a team of Florida firefighters on Monday.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue (PBCFR) got a call that a 25-year-old horse was stuck in mud in The Acreage, Florida on Monday morning, according to ABC News.

After an hour of toiling with a crew of more than 10, Skip the horse was saved.


'Firefighters ... began working on digging the horse from the mud using hand tools and keeping the scared horse calm during the rescue,' Captain Albert Borroto, the public information officer for PBCFR, told ABC News.


The official Twitter account for PBCFR kept residents updated in real time as the rescue mission unfolded.

It wasn't long before PBCFR's quick action had the horse in a much better position.

'Horse Cmd *update* straps are around horse, #firefighters preparing to start pulling horse from mud,' the first update read, posted at 6.28am.