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‘Raudha’s death was well-planned murder’

23 Apr, 2017 16:30:00

Father of Raudha Athif, MBBS second-year student of Rajshahi Islami Bank Medical College and Hospital, on Sunday once again stressed out that his daughter was a victim of ‘well-planned murder’.


‘When I left mortuary, I got enough preliminary findings to point that the death of my daughter points to a homicidal case. Our twelve-member team saw the symbols on her body.’

Mohammad Athif, a physician by profession, came up with the claim at a press conference he held at Rajshahi Press Club just a day before the exhumation of Raudha’s body for a second autopsy according to a Rajshahi court order.


Raudha’s father said there were signs of manual strangulation with hand on her neck. The bruising caused by strangulation is clearly visible on her neck.


‘After seeing the body of Raudha and the crime scene, I could say officials in the college and those inquiring into her death are trying to stage the scene to make it appear to be suicide.’


He, however, appealed to Raudha’s college authorities, investigation agencies, international rights activists and journalists to put all their collective efforts to bring out those behind her death to justice.


On March 29, police recovered the body of Raudha, also a fashion model, from a female hostel. The medical college authorities filed an unnatural death case with Shah Makhdum police station on the day.


The following day, a three-member committee of Rajshahi Medical College Hospital conducted an autopsy and reported that the Maldivian student committed suicide.


Later, two police officials of Maldives came to Bangladesh and investigated the case.


On April 10, Raudha’s father filed a murder case with a Rajshahi court against the victim’s course mate Sirat Parveen Mahmud, 20, alleging that Raudha was strangled to death.


Later, the case was sent to Criminal Investigation Department on April 13.