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US names ISIS chief recruiter in India as global terrorist

16 Jun, 2017 16:55:00

Mohammed Shafi Armar, the fugitive chief recruiter for the ISIS in the Indian, has been enrolled a ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorist’ by the US on Thursday, becoming the first Indian leader of the terror outfit against whom America has sponsored sanctions.

The US State Treasury Department, while updating its list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists, has enrolled in it Armar, a native of Bhatkal in Karnataka, clearing the way for sanctions against him, reports NDTV.

An Interpol Red Corner notice is also pending against the 30-year-old Armar, who has many aliases like ‘Chhote Maula’, ‘Anjan Bhai’ and ‘Yousuf al-Hindi’.

‘Mohammed Shafi Armar is a leader and head recruiter in India for the Foreign Terrorist Organisation and Specially Designated Global Terrorist group, ISIS,’ the State Department said.

‘He has looked after a group of dozens of ISIS sympathisers who are involved in terrorist activities across India, such as plotting attacks, procuring weapons, and identifying locations for terrorist training camps,’ said the statement.