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2 killed, 4 injured in German nightclub shooting

30 Jul, 2017 18:15:00

A gunman opened fire at a disco in the southern German city of Konstanz early on Sunday morning, killing one and injuring four before being shot by police, officials said in a statement.


The 34-year-old attacker “was critically wounded in a shootout with police officers as he left the disco, and later passed away in hospital,” police said in a statement.


 “The motives of the man, who perhaps acted alone, are not known yet,” added police.


 Police deploy special commando forces and helicopter in search for potential accomplices.


 The man had started shooting in the nightclub in the southern German city of Constance at around 4.30 am (3.30am Irish time), fatally wounding one and leaving three other people seriously injured.


 Shortly after he left the disco, he was shot by police. One officer was also wounded in the exchange of fire.


 Terrified nightclubbers had either fled the building or found a place to hide, said police.




The shooting came just two days after knife attack in the northern port city of Hamburg killed one and wounded many others.