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Biman Bangladesh Airlines cancels 2 flights today, fears for deterioration

09 Aug, 2017 16:48:00

Biman Bangladesh Airlines on Wednesday cancelled two hajj flights due to shortage of pilgrims amid fears that the situation might deteriorates if such condition keeps going.


The first flight was predetermined to depart around 5:00am and the other 4:30pm on Wednesday afternoon, Tasnim Akhter, an official of Biman’s public relation department, told reporters.


Until now, 19 flights have been cancelled, causing a capacity loss of 9,887 passengers and state revenue loss of Tk 40 crore, said Biman’s Managing Director AM Mosaddique Ahmed.


“If such condition keeps going, the coming days of hajj ferry services might deteriorate,” the Biman official said in a press conference at its head office in Balaka Bhaban this afternoon.


However, the Biman boss made sure of taking all necessary measures to solve the ongoing crisis.