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Akash Islam

Desk Editor

Education for all is part of vision for inclusive development

17 Apr, 2018 23:39:39

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has pledged to provide education for all -- the key to achieving the overarching vision of inclusive development in the light of sustainable development goals.

“We foresee a future where women and men work hand in hand for achieving human development,” Hasina said in her keynote speech on Tuesday to the Women’s Forum, one of the four forums organised as part of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London.

The Women's Forum reflected on some of the global challenges still faced by women, as part of a wider commitment to "leave no one behind" in the Commonwealth journey to achieving gender equality by 2030.

Hasina shared with global leaders Bangladesh’s priority and commitment to ensure 12 years of quality education for girls and boys by 2030.

“We want to build a future where world peace and women empowerment remains the cornerstone to create a society free from poverty, discrimination and conflict,” she said.

“Our national plans and policies including the seventh five-year plan are geared towards that.” -bdnews24