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Assam to deport 17 Bangladeshis today  

9 January 2017, 11:17:38

Dhaka: The India's Assam state government is set to deport 17 Bangladeshis on Monday. Three of them are Hindus who were allegedly hounded out of bordering Bangladesh, Hindustan Times reports.

The deportation comes six months after Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party-led central government of India introduced a bill to facilitate persecuted non-Muslims from neighboring countries become Indian citizens.

The 17 were among 54 people from Bangladesh and Myanmar who were caught after illegally entering India during the past few years. They had been languishing in a detention camp in Silchar Central Jail mainly due to the lack of communication with officials of these two neighbouring countries until 2015. Silchar, the headquarters of southern Assam’s Cachar district, is 330km from Guwahati.

“Their deportation followed two rounds of talks between officials of border districts of Assam and Bangladesh. All formalities have been done to hand them over to the Bangladesh authorities via the Border Security Force in the Karimganj sector about 10am today (Monday),” Cachar superintend of police Rakesh Roushan told Hindustan Times on Sunday.

Among those to be deported to 11 districts of Bangladesh are Bhagabati Goala, 50, from Madhabpur district, Rahul Das, 23, from Habiganj district and Mou Das, 18, from Sunamganj district. Months ago, they were quoted as saying they had fled religious persecution in Bangladesh.

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