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Australia win by 15 runs

7 June 2019, 12:23:21

The West Indies played the match well in the beginning of the innings, but the time has gone too far. Because of the reasons behind this, the world champions Australia have won a great turn in two innings.

Earlier, losing 5 wickets for 79 runs in the first innings, Steven Smith and Colter Nayl, riding on the stumps, Australia needed just 288 runs to get Australia’s fight. The West Indies, which were chasing 40 overs, were in good form.

But in the end, West Indies batsmen could not afford to go against Mitchell Starc’s pace. For that reason their innings stopped at 27 runs by 9 runs. Australia beat West Indies by 15 runs It is their second win in two matches. On the other hand, the West Indies lose the first match in the same match.

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