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Australian envoy expects Padma Bridge to enhance regional growth

23 June 2022, 7:59:08

Australian High Commissioner here Jeremy Bruer has said the Padma Bridge would drive economic growth in the “dynamic” Bay of Bengal region, connecting Bangladeshis more efficiently with its neighbours.

“The bridge should also make it easier to connect Bangladeshis more efficiently with and drive economic growth in the dynamic Bay of Bengal region,” he said in a video message late yesterday as Bangladesh counts hours for opening of the country’s longest bridge.

Bruer said Padma Bridge is a major achievement by and for Bangladeshis and “all Bangladeshis should be proud of it” and added that on behalf of all Australians he congratulated the government and people of Bangladesh.

“The bridge should give a significant boost to the national economy by reducing travel time and making it easier for people to move around the country, to conduct business and to see their families,” he said.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is scheduled to inaugurate the 6.15-km Padma Bridge constructed entirely with own financing while the bridge will connect 21 northwestern districts with Dhaka and other parts of the country.

The finance ministry provided Bangladesh Bridge Authority an amount of Taka 30,000 crore as credit.

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