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‘Aynabaji Original Series’ comes in Eid-ul-fitr

23 April 2017, 6:22:00

Drama serial named ‘Aynabaji Original Series’ which has been made in the basic concept of famous and superhit movie ‘Aynabaji’ is coming for the Tv viewers in upcoming Eid-ul-fitr.


The producers and directors panel have declared to simulcast the ‘Aynabaji Original Series’ in three satellite channels like Rtv, Gtv and Dipto Tv.

They declared this in a press conference held in a Five Star Hotel named The Westin.

Zia Uddin Adil, the producer of Top of Mind, said, Aynabaji is a milestone of the history of Bangla Cinema. Audiences of all classes enjoyed the blockbuster movie in theatres and cinema halls. Almost 7 million people enjoyed the movie in theatres and they praised the movie as one of the best films in the history of Bangla Cinema. Now we want to entertain the whole people of Bangladesh with a series of 7 episodes made with the concept of ‘Aynabaji’ through simulcast process in three channels like Gtv, Rtv and Dipto Tv. We hope, those who will enjoy the drama serials in Tv they will not be disappointed watching these and will obviously praise the team management of Aynabaji.

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