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Bangladesh Bar Council polls continue

25 May 2022, 2:45:21

The elections to Bangladesh Bar Council, a licensing and regulatory body of all advocates of the country, is continuing.

The elections is being held at the polling centres of Bajitpur, Ishwarganj, Durgapur, Bhanga, Chikandi, Patia, Satkania, Bashkhali, Fatikchhari, Sandwip, Hatia, Nabinagar and Paikgachha civil courts, including Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) building and all civil court premises of the country.

The voting will run simultaneously until 5 pm today.

A total of 35 candidates are contesting seven general posts while 23 are vying for seven regional posts.

Through this election, a total of 50,803 lawyers from all over the country will elect their representatives for the next three years.

An ad-hoc committee is currently in charge of the bar council due to not holding its election for pandemic situation.

The committee will be on duty until June 30. The elected committee will take over the charge on July 1.

Earlier on March 21 this year, Bangladesh Bar Council Chairman, Attorney General AM Amin Uddin declared the election schedule of the Bar Council.

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