Bangladesh to be developed one if uplift works continue : Raushan

প্রকাশিত: 1:27 AM, 15 November, 2019

Leader of the Opposition in the parliament Raushan Ershad today said Bangladesh would be a developed country soon if the present uplift works be continued in the future. “The country is marching forward under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the country will be developed one if the present uplift works continued,” the opposition leader said this while addressing in the House at the closure of the fifth session of the parliament here.

Lauding the ongoing drive against corruption and irregularities, the opposition leader said the prime minister’s stance against the wrongdoers is highly appreciated by the common people. She urged the government to continue the ongoing clampdown against corruption, drug menace and casino as the people have full support to it.

She, however, told the parliament that the corrupt people and terrorist don’t belong to any political party.

About the Rohingya repatriation, Raushan Ershad said the early repatriation of the Rohigyas will be better for the country as much as influx of 11lakh forcely displaced Rohingyas into the country are creating a deep crisis.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina raised Rohingya issue at various international forums, but the forcely displaced Myanmar people are yet to be repatriated to their home of origin, she added.

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