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Cabinet weekly meeting

Bangladesh to gain duty facilities in more than 10,000 items

12 June 2017, 7:27:12

The Cabinet on Monday approved an offer for applauses of the Second Amendment to the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement, a preferential trade contact among the countries in the Asia-Pacific region, under which Bangladesh would get duty facilities on some 10,677 items. The approval was given at the weekly meeting of the Cabinet held at the Cabinet Room of the Jatiya Sangsad with prime minister Sheikh Hasina in the chair. Press briefing reporters after the meeting at the Bangladesh Secretariat, secretary of the Cabinet Division (Coordination and Reforms) N M Ziaul Alam said as per the second amendment, Bangladesh would get duty facilities on some 10,677 items in different APTA countries while under the previous provision it got the facilities on some 4,648 items.

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