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Bangladeshi archer Hera Moni wins gold medal  

30 January 2017, 4:34:35

Sports Correspondent: Bangladeshi archer Hera Moni won gold medal in the women’s singles of recurve division defeating Ramozamova of Azerbaijan in the final of the first ISSF International Solidarity Archery Championship at Maulana Bhashani National Stadium here on Monday.

Bangladesh men’s team also earned two gold medals in team events in compound and recurve divisions.

In compound division, Bangladesh men’s team with Abul Kashem Mamun, Milan Mollah and Nazmul Huda won the gold medal beating Malaysian opponents in the final.

Bangladesh men’s team consisting of Roman Sana, Sanwar Hossain and Tamimul Islam won the team event gold medal in the recurve division outplaying Bhutan.

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