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Bangladeshi artists going to Malaysia

17 January 2019, 6:43:40

Expatriates life meaning is hardships life. Who is abroad he know the meaning of expatriates life here's. The biggest problem of expatriates is loneliness. A malaysian company Digital tourism is goring to organize a concert in Malaysia after Eid-ul-fitr. It will be held at shah alam indoor stadium in shah alam state of Malaysia. The concert will be held 6 June 4 pm to 8 pm.

Lots of popular singer will be attend this concert. Mainly Asif akbar, Akhi Alamgir, Khan Rupom was agree to performed this concert. Priyanka Zaman will perform dance and Shanta Jahan will be presenting the entire program.

Bangladesh's popular online news portal bd24live.com and Malaysia's online news portal Desh Deshantor will be the media partner.

The 16th January Asif Akbar, Khan Rupom make a deal with Digital Tourism Manager Mohammad Fahmi in Asif Akbar office. At this time here presence of Digital Tourism Manager Mohammad Fahmi and Mahtab Hossain for Bangladesh Digital Tourism.

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