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BCL withdraws expulsion on Esha

13 April 2018, 5:50:00

Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) has withdrawn the expulsion order on its Dhaka University's Kobi Sufia Kamal Hall unit president Iffat Jahan Esha and reinstated in her previous post.

A press release, issued by central BCL president Saifur Rahman Sohag and general secretary SM Zakir Hossain on Friday, said the expulsion order has been withdrawn as Esha was found innocent in the investigation.

“The probe body finds Iffat innocent,” reads the press release.

Iffat was expelled by Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) early Wednesday as she allegedly tortured two students of the DU hall on Tuesday.

The DU authority suspended Iffat from the university immediately after the news of torturing the two female students spread. The incident sparked a protest among the Sufia Kamal students on Tuesday night.

The four-member probe body was formed by the BCL yesterday to investigate the matter. It was asked to submit the report within 24 hours.

On Wednesday, some photos of a victim went viral on social media around 1:00am claiming that she is being tortured by the BCL leaders for taking part in the quota reform demonstrations.

According to some residential students of the hall, BCL Sufia Kamal Hall unit President Iffat Jahan Isha was torturing three students of the hall inside a room around 12:30am for joining the quota-reform protest.

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