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Bdstall.com now in 12 years

Harun Ar Rashid, Special Correspondent: Bdstall.com is one of the oldest e-commerce website in Bangladesh. This December of year 2020 marks the completion of an era of bdstall.com. Bdstall started operations in Bangladesh in December 2008. Its e-commerce activities are based on the concept of the trade fairs that are celebrated in rural Bangladesh. Starting from importers and big traders, small traders also display their products through bdstall.com.

Buyers can purchase goods by comparing prices with different stalls. Buyers can also view the products online and go directly to the stall / show room / or physical store to buy products at the lowest price. Bdstall now offers almost all types of products from electronics to tour packages, medical items, industrial items, and cars. "Stunning offers are not our policy, we want to give wholesale and fair price to buyers round the year," said Muhammad Kamal Hossain CEO of bdstall.com. Check out what Bdstall has for you from Bdstall.com website.

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