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BGB to set up outpost on Saint Martin’s after 22 years

7 April 2019, 9:44:00

Heavily armed Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) troopers have been deployed at St Martin’s Island for ensuring overall security of the Island.

In line with government directives, BGB forces, equipped with heavy weapons, were deployed at the St Martin Island again from today, said a press release of the BGB headquarters today.

‘Adequate BGB members have been deployed in the island at the directive of the government. The number will be increased further,’ Mohammad Mohsin Reza, BGB Public Relations Officer (headquarters), told.

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He said the paramilitary troops were also there in the island till 1997.

‘They (BGB members) have been deployed there again this (Sunday) morning alongside members of other law-enforcement agencies, including Coast Guard, to ensure security of the island,’ Reza said without elaborating what has actually prompted the government to deploy the BGB members there.


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