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Bidi workers calls countrywide strike demanding withdrawal of tax hike

21 November 2017, 5:19:00

Bidi workers will organize a countrywide strike demanding the withdrawal of increased tax imposed on the industry.

On Tuesday, central leaders of Bidi Laborer Federation have announced this in a human chain organized in front of Netrokona Press Club.

As a chief guest at the occasion, The President of the Federation Amin Uddin Bsc have said, some evil circle have had always wanted to destroy the Bidi industry.

They increased the tax on Bidi on every term, but the same did not happen to the Cigarette industry. The Bidi industry has employed millions while cigarette companies have evaded thousands of crores BDT in taxes.

He urged Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to intervene in this crisis. He said, you are the leader of poor. While you are in power, no harm can be done to Bidi industry.

Please for the sake of 1.5 Million workers, withdraw the increased tax from the industry.

The central General Secretary MK Bangali have said, We will do everything necessary to protect the industry which was established by our forefathers.

If the increased tax did not withdraw by December, the 1.5 Million workers of the industry will take the country to a halt.

Joint Secretary Abdur Rahman, Member Shamim Islam, Abul Hasnat Lavbu and the General Secretary of the Netrokona chapter of the federation have also spoken on the occasion.

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