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Big fight in release: 'Kaabil' vs 'Raees'  

24 January 2017, 4:34:01

Entertainment Desk:2017 could not have started off on a better note and abigger box office clash. Shah Rukh Khan has all the fanfare on his side and Hrithik Roshan’s film presents him in a never-seen-before character. As both these superstars are set to arrive on January 25 with their respective films in the most powerful manner, it is going to be a treat for the cine-fans at the theaters. There are high chances that ‘Kaabil’ and ‘Raees’ will do exceedingly well as they are both eminently watchable films. The fight between Raees and Kaabil is getting intense by the day.

In ‘Kaabil’, Hrithik Roshan loves his wife to death, whose death you will know soon enough, and he is ready to go to any lengths to avenge the wrong done to her. ‘Kaabil’ is by far Sanjay Gupta’s best work, more emotional and dramatic than any of the violent sagas he has narrated in the past. Hrithik gives his finest, most searing and passionate performance after a long time.

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‘Raees’ is also a love story. And it’s got nothing to do with Mahira Khan. Shah Rukh Khan’s character of a man of ill-gotten power and wealth from Gujarat in the 1980s is in love. ‘Raees’ is also about how two heterosexual men can be bonded spiritually even while being on separate sides of the firing line. This is perhaps the first time in his entire career as a leading man that Shah Rukh has found a co-star who is compelling in his own right.

Both the films are fighting to become 2017’s first blockbuster. And while the heat is on, and the teams from both the sides are doing everything to promote their respective films, it looks like Raees might have an edge over Kaabil.

According to a poll conducted by indianexpress on Twitter, the audience was asked to choose between Shah Rukh and Hrithik. The poll garnered around nineteen hundred votes out of which 79 per cent votes came in favor of Raees. Looks like the star-power of SRK might just overpower Hrithik’s concept-driven film.

Blaming it on marketing strategies or social interaction, Shah Rukh has always done a better job than his contemporaries. Even this time, he is not leaving any stone unturned to make sure that Raees gets a house full at the box office. In an exclusive interview with indianexpress.com, Kaabil producer Rakesh Roshan spoke about how both the films would have done better without a clash.

In fact, the producer has also predicted the business that both the films will do. ‘There is a box-office limitation of not crossing Rs 300 crore, either you will be at Rs 170 crore and me at Rs 130 crore or vice versa. I know how much the business will be. So if his film is better, it will do Rs 170 or 180 crore and I will do Rs 120 or 130 crore or vice versa. But in no way, we will cross Rs 300 crore.’

Ever since the release date of both Raees and Kaabil was announced, its cast and crew has not taken a sigh of relief. Both sides have done their best to grab audience attention. But who will win? The answer will be out on January 25.

While Raees also stars Mahira Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Kaabil has Yami Gautam, Ronit Roy and Rohit Roy in essential roles.

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