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Bizarre Report Reveals How Neymar’s Demands May Force Mbappe Out

19 July 2018, 5:51:00

A name that should be familiar to many football fans is Diego Torres. The controversial Spanish journalist once wrote a highly critical account of Jose Mourinho's stint at Real Madrid. Since then he has moved towards covering Neymar's stint in PSG, often breaking the news of the Brazilian's off-field behaviour in Paris.

During the World Cup, Torres penned several pieces about the tension within the Spanish squad. This provoked Isco to hit out at the 'bad' journalist on Twitter.

However, not that the World Cup is over, focus now returns to the club game and with that the possible transfer of several stars. Real Madrid's sale of Cristiano Ronaldo has armed them with a significant war chest as Florentino Pérez goes in search of his latest galactico. There have been three stars recently linked with Madrid: Eden Hazard, Neymar and Kylian Mbappé.

Earlier this week, a statement on www.realmadrid.com confirmed the club were not going to move for Neymar: “In the face of the constant reports linking PSG’s Neymar Jr. to our club, Real Madrid C. F. wish to clarify that the club has no intention of making any offer for the player."

Diego Torres' article in El Pais has now shown light on this matter, as he reports Neymar is happy to remain in France. However, this came on an important condition. Neymar's father, Neymar Sr., has reportedly informed the club that Neymar must be 'the only king' at the club.

A PSG Source quoted Neymar's father and confirmed this was his sole priority.

Naturally, this may prove problematic for Neymar. The World Cup Young Player of the Year was Mbappé and at only 19, he looks set to only kick on from here. Los Blancos had tried to sign the French man when he was at Monaco. At the time, he explained the decision was based on playing time: "I chose PSG because I will play more, it was the main criteria."

PSG have sold several players in the past twelve months to satisfy Finacial Fair Play, including Blaise Matuidi. Jean-Kevin Augustin, Serge Aurier, Lucas Moura and Odsonne Edouard. Per Marca, the revenue generated here means they can afford to hold on to both Neymar and Mbappe. However, Neymar's demands to be number one may drive the World Cup winner to the fringes.


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