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'BNP becomes reckless for failures'

10 February 2017, 6:29:45

Staff Correspondent:Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader on Friday described BNP as a “reckless political party” saying that it may be a cause of an accident in politics anytime.

“BNP has become a reckless driver due to its failure and disappointment. I am afraid the party may be the cause of an accident in politics anytime,” said Quader, also road transport and bridge minister.

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Quader came up with the observation while inaugurating a library- 'Jubojagaron'- followed by a discussion of Dhaka South City unit of Jubo League at Kakrail in Dhaka this morning.

Referring to BNP’s comment on the newly formed Election Commission, Quader said no other political parties except BNP considered the chief election commissioner as an Awami League man.

BNP leaders, most of the time, do not know what they are talking about, he added.

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