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‘BNP to join JS polls fearing cancellation of registration’

3 March 2017, 7:22:32

Staff Correspondent:BNP will take part in the next parliamentary election in fear of revoking its registration as a political party, said Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader today.

“BNP’s registration will be cancelled if it doesn’t take part in the 11th parliamentary polls. I think, BNP will not stay aside from the election taking the risk stupidly,” Quader told reports at the party chief Sheikh Hasina’s political office in Dhanmondi of Dhaka.

While asked about Awami League’s stance over BNP’s threat that the party will not allow any election without Khaleda Zia, Quader referred to an English proverb and said, “Constitution and election will wait for none.”

Responding to a query, he said there is no provision of election-time supportive government in the constitution rather there is a provision of interim government in the charter.

“We have no objection over the election-time interim government. Developed and democratic countries across the world go for election under the same government and we will do the same,” he said.

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