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BNP urges search body to make stronger commission

6 February 2017, 5:29:36

Staff Correspondent: BNP today called for a stronger commission and for making public the 10 names to be proposed to the President by the search committee for appointing the new chief election commissioner (CEC) and four commissioners.

BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said, “The search committee is going to prepare a list of names and submit it to the president for forming a new Election Commission. I, on behalf of BNP, urge the search committee to make a list of honest, competent and neutral persons for constituting a stronger Commission and unveil it before the nation.”

Hours before the search panel's scheduled meeting for finalising its list of 10 prospective new election commissioners, he made the demand at a press conference at BNP's Nayapaltan central office.

During their meeting with the search committee, Rizvi said noted citizens also suggested disclosing the list of names prepared by the committee.

The search committee is scheduled to meet President Abdul Hamid at Bangabhaban at 6:30 pm after preparing a list of 10 names at their meeting at the Supreme Court Judges' Lounge.

Rizvi hoped that the search panel will not take any decision against people's desire sacrificing their credibility regarding the EC formation. If the search committee's proposed names are disclosed, we'll be able to understand whether it act as per the ruling party's will or neutrally.

He also said a scope will be created to overcome the current political crisis if a strong and neutral EC is formed.

Rizvi said people has doubt whether the search committee can propose the names of impartial persons as most of its members have link with Awami League. The doubt has turned deeper with Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader's remark that there is no need for disclosing the name list.

He called upon the search panel to work applying their conscience and giving priority to the national interests rising above any party's interest.

“Election is one of main component of democracy. A stronger election commission is necessary to ensure fair and acceptable election. We hope the EC will make their decision over the EC formation neutrally considering it as their national duty.”

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