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BNP will obviously take part next polls: Quader

6 March 2017, 5:01:04

Staff Reporter:BNP will obviously take part in the next parliamentary elections, Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader said today.

“Otherwise, it will become politically bankrupt and there will be no existence of the party,” he said at a programme in Natore.

Addressing on the occasion of the death anniversary of deceased Awami League leader Abdul Jalil, the ruling party leader also assured everyone that the next parliamentary election “will be held in time”.

Some BNP leaders have recently spoken of boycotting the next election in succession to the rejection of the 2014 election. However, there it yet to be a concrete stand in this regard.

The party willingly came forward in reforming the incumbent Election Commission that took office this month. However, they criticized on the selection of the election commissioners.

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