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Body of Indian student rescued from a house in Chittagong

15 July 2017, 5:50:00

Police on early Saturday recovered the body of an Indian student who was studying in a private university in Chittagong from a house in the port city. The deceased was killed allegedly by a fellow student.


The deceased was identified as Ateef Sheikh, 26.


Attacker Wilson, 26, also hailed from India.


Asif and Wilson used to live in a rented house at Abdul Hamid road under Akbar Shah Thana of the port city.

They are students of University of Science & Technology Chittagong (USTC).


Police said Ateef’s body bore several injury marks. Another Indian student Niraj of USTC brought Ateef and Wilson to the hospital. Niraj along with his wife lives in a room of the house adjacent to the room of Ateef and Wilson.


Niraj said Ateef and Wilson were drinking wine at their room at 11:30pm on Friday. Niraj heard a sound from their room around 12am and tried to open their room. But the room was locked from inside. Later, Niraj managed to open the room and found Wilson hanging from ceiling and Ateef lying on the floor. Niraj took both of them to Chittagong Medical College Hospital where doctor declared Ateef dead.



Police suspect that following an altercation between the two, Wilson might have stabbed Ateef and then attempted to hang himself.

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