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Bottled per litre soybean oil price reduced by TK 14

17 July 2022, 9:47:00

The government has reduced the price of per litre bottled soybean oil by Taka 14 to stand at Taka 185.

Talking to BSS, Commerce Ministry Senior Secretary Tapan Kanti Ghosh said that the government has taken the decision to reduce price in domestic market in line with the reduction of price in the international market.

“Keeping this in view , the new price has been fixed in consultation with the business community today. The newly rescheduled price will be effective from tomorrow,” he added.

Apart from this, the government has also decided to reduce the price of palm oil by Taka 6 per litre to stand at Taka 148 from the existing Taka 154.

The Senior Commerce Secretary also said that the new price of per litre loose soybean has been fixed at Taka 166, per litre bottled soybean oil at Taka 185, while the price of five litter soybean jar has been fixed at Taka 910.

Tapan also informed that the consumers would continue to get the benefit in future if the price of edible oil continues to fall in international market .

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