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Don’t take my kidney and liver, I want to live in the world

Stop the inhumanity, heinous act and cruelty upon the children. The livers and kidneys of young girls and boys are being smuggled abroad. Who will take out a movement for Read More

Help the poor on your way

Accroding to UNICEF, 22000 children die each day due to poverty. 805 million people all over the world do not have enough food to eat. More than 750 million people Read More

If women are not strong, they have to compensate for it

Virginity is very valuable matter for a woman. She has nothing to do when a man forcibly spoils her virginity. When we hear about a rape news, the incident nowadays Read More

Stress, anger, pride and suicide

Suicide is a great sin. Suicide means killing by himself or herself. It is a process by which he or she takes back of his or her soul by suppressing Read More

Colleges affiliated with DU and eyesight of Siddikur Rahman

Education is compared to light. It is the backbone of a nation. It is one of the human basic rights. It helps a nation to reach the peak of prosperity. Read More

AL criticizes about the thinking of BNP!

It is very natural of criticism among the political parties in our country. But when a political party criticizes something which is to be published yet. Most of the political Read More

No objection on Rampal like fake award!

I joined an international media house this week. At first, it seems to be very challenging for me. I have just come back on foot to my home from Canary Read More

Islam, militancy and progressivity

Islam, militancy and progressivity- these are very diffrent subjects to the real Muslims in the world. Many a man expresses these as similar without realizing the main concept. The great Read More

Middle class, politicians and weeds

At first we want to remind the former republican president Theodor Rujjbelt. Once he was addressing in a conference. To make him angry one person shouted and said, sir, I Read More

None can understand of the suppression of question paper leakage

According to Govt statistics, there are almost 26 lakhs unemployed people who are higher educated. They are making crowd in recruiting exams all over the country. Millions are applying for Read More