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Celebration of New Year with the Unprivileged People

3 January 2017, 9:18:20

Universal Help Hub (UHH) has arranged a day-long free medical camp to celebrate 31st December er the premise of Narayankhan Dayal Haldar Adarsha School in Gopalganj district, Kotalipara, Shuwagram union. A group of young students from University of Dhaka, BUET, DMC, NSU, BRAC, BUP, East-West University, ULAB, Daffodil, Stamford and Northern University has been participated in this campaign. The mayor of Kotalipara, Mr. Wahidul Hazra, upazila vice chairman Miss Lakshmi Rani Sarker and Shuwagram union chairman Babu Manindranath Haldar has been present in this campaign. Five BCS cadre doctors have been prescribed hundreds of patients and UHH has provided all their necessary medicines among them free of cost.

Lakshmi Rani Sarker, vice chairman of Kotalipara upazela, appreciated UHH for conducting this medical campaign in her rural area. She said that the way UHH had arranged this campaign irrespective of color, race and religion, it would definitely enhance the communal relationship among the villagers. Babu Manindranath Haldar, chairman of Shuwagram union, said that since this campaign had arranged at the border area of Gopalganj and Barishal district, more than five hundred people from Kotalipara, Agailjhara and Ujirpur had been benefitted from this campaign. He cordially thanked UHH for executing the campaign at that border area and requested them to conduct further campaign if UHH had any plan in the future.

Mr. Shahdat Hosen, Secretary General of UHH and student of BRAC University, said that within the next five years, UHH wanted to provide free medical treatment to more than fifty thousand people at the golden jubilee of our liberation. Why the volunteers have no sign of tiredness even after two sleepless night, 25 hour journey, day-long medical campaign in this shivery environment? Mr. Mujahidul Islam, President of UHH and student of University of Dhaka, replied that here you can see the potential of young generation. If you gave them a chance for a good a cause then they could endure any obstacle. This young generation has created our country and one day, they will build an enriched and healthy Bangladesh. The media partners of the campaign were Daily Asian Age, Bangla Tribune, Colors FM 101.6, and BD24live.com. Creative partner was Ohnish Film

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