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Chris Gayle celebrating with his Girlfriend video goes viral     

7 January 2017, 12:38:00

International Desk: A year on from the “Don’t Blush Baby” incident, West Indian troublemaker Chris Gayle has stirred up a fresh controversy, by posting a raunchy video on social media and telling Australia to “lighten thephuckup”.

The video, which has since been deleted, shows Gayle simulating a lewd act with girlfriend Natasha Berridge in what is an apparent jibe at the Aussie public.

The powerful batsman posted a video on Instagram and a tweet which alluded to comments made during a sideline interview with then-Channel 10 host Mel McLaughlin.

The video is Gayle’s attempt to get back at Australia, who had turned him into a public enemy same time last year over his sexist remarks.

In the anniversary video–– shot during a street festival – Gayle makes suggestive poses and simulates sex acts with a woman, understood to be his partner Natasha Berridge.

Back then, the left-handed hitter had infuriated all by asking out former Channel 10 host Mel McLaughlin on live TV.

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