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Dialogue between EC and Civil society

Civil society urges EC to earn public confidence

31 July 2017, 4:20:00

Civil society members who have already attended the Election Commission’s maiden conversation on Monday have urged the commission to gain public confidence through making their activities visible as an independent body.




Most of the civil society members also suggested the Commission to take proper step for make confirmed of the participation of all political parties in the next election and removing the fear of voters, reports UNB.




They recommended defining army as law enforcers so that they can be engaged in the next polls or holding it in a free and fair manner. However, some of them opposed deployment of army in the election.




Majority of them suggested restoration of ‘no vote' system in the next polls.




“Almost all of the participants in the dialogue urged the Commission to earn public confidence so that their strong and independent role as a statuary body can be visible,” said distinguished CPD fellow Dr Debapriya Bhattacharya,




Emerging from the dialogue, Debapriya said they also suggested the Commission to take proper steps so that administrative officials can play a neutral role in the election.

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