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CJ apologises for not having Bangla in court

21 February 2017, 6:35:56

Staff Correspondent:Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha today expressed sorrow as the use of Bangla has not been fully introduced in the court proceedings.

“We feel sorry as Bangla has not been introduced in the court proceedings though it (Bangla) has been introduced at the public offices,” he said while speaking to journalists after paying tributes to the language heroes of 1952 at the Central Shaheed Minar in Dhaka.

The chief justice said some judges of the High Court Division of the Supreme Court have been writing judgements in the cases very beautifully in Bangla and it might be followed by others.

“We are attempting to materialize it in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court. If any device is introduced in this era of technology so that the judgements delivered by the courts will be translated in Bangla, then use of Bangla will automatically be ensured,” Justice SK Sinha said.

Some judges of the Appellate and High Court Divisions and SC officials were also present there.

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