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'Conspirators always active to destroy country'

11 March 2017, 4:42:46

Staff Reporter:Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said conspirators are always active to destroy country.

They are continuing destructive tasks since country’s born, the minister said. “We are working against them despite their conspiracy,” he said.

He made this comment while speaking in a 40th anniversary of a school of CMS Memorial High School and College of Sayedabad in the capital on Saturday.

“We never said that we uprooted Militants, but we have been able to control militants,” he said.

“It has been possible to control militants as public do not like militants,” he said,” the minister said.

“We are continuing our anti- militant operation as militants can attack in future ,” he said.

Law enforcement, including Detective Branch are alert to control them.

“We will be able to uproot the militants in future with the help of law enforcement and countrymen, the minister said.” Adding that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasine shows zero-tolerence against militants.

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