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Court issues  arrest warrant against Arafat Sunny

16 July 2017, 6:53:00

A Dhaka court has convicted Bangladesh national cricketer Arafat Sunny in a dowry case and also issued an arrest warrant against him.


Metropolitan magistrate Jakir Hossain Tipu issued the warrant on Sunday after forming charges.


Cricketer Sunny's lawyer Muraduzzaman filed a time petition as the cricketer could not appear before the court due to his illness. But the court cancelled the plea.


One Nasrin Sultana alleged that she and Sunny were married on December 4, 2014.

However, just after six months into the marriage, Sunny on July 29, 2015 required Tk 20 lakh as dowry.


Later, she recorded the case on January 23, 2017.

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