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Dailycricket reinvents itself with a new look!

28 February 2021, 11:47:03

Great news for all the cricket lovers across the globe!

Dailycricket.com.bd has reinvented itself with a brand new elegant look, with added new fantastic features and top notch user friendly attributes.

Cricket fans can get all the cricket updates from ongoing and past matches from dailycricket.com.bd along with cricket related stats and information regarding cricketers from all the cricket playing nations.

The new-look website features several changes as there is a new fan column added in which, fans can share their photos and cricket experiences and exchange cricket reactions among each other. The articles section also had gone through a significant change, as the expert column will now feature famous cricket personalities and renowned cricket journalists, as they will share their thoughts with the cricket fans through in-depth cricket articles.

You can learn about the dates of the upcoming matches, the fixtures of all the cricket events taking place throughout the world, as the live score updates will never disappoint you from having a full satisfaction of cricket experience.

Cricket based news and articles are always published up to date on the dailycricket.com.bd website, as you can search for your queries on a certain cricketer or a series or tournament right away, whenever you feel!

All your cricket news and updates can be found right here! Visit dailycricket.com.bd right away!

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