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Do not feed the sick children Vitamin ‘A’ capsules: Health Minister

22 June 2019, 4:09:54

Health and family welfare minister zahid malek said, do not feed sick children ‘A’ capsules. vitamin ‘A’ capsules will be given after the recovery of sick children.

After the inauguration of the Vitamin ‘A’ plus the campaign at dhaka shishu hospital on saturday (June 22 ) he said these things.

The health minister said, from 8 am to 4 pm Vitamin ‘A’ capsules Will be fed at a total of One lakh forty thousand vaccination centers in different public places including different hospitals, school buses, launches and ferries in the country

The health minister said, there is no question about the value of the capsule this year. These capsules have been examined many times at country and abroad. Due to the increase in human awareness, night blindness has reduced considerably.

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