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PM to exporters

Don’t destroy fish market for little gains

19 July 2017, 1:12:00

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday asked those involved in fish production, processing and export not to take any ill step just for their little gains that may destroy one's own business and the country's image.



The Prime Minister came with this request while addressing the inaugural session of the National Fisheries Week 2017 held at Krishibid Institution, reports UNB.



She said there is a trend among a section of people to mix adulterated items for making extra profits.


Sheikh Hasina said ensuring quality and standard is a must for the export of any product and that is why the government has taken steps to ensure testing of fish products.



The premier said Bangladesh can use maritime resources extensively for the country's faster economic growth.


She said Bangladesh needs bigger search vessels for going deeper into the sea in the future and the government has a plan to procure such vessels.

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