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Don’t take my kidney and liver, I want to live in the world

18 August 2018, 8:35:00

Stop the inhumanity, heinous act and cruelty upon the children. The livers and kidneys of young girls and boys are being smuggled abroad. Who will take out a movement for this?

Police last Saturday recovered a body of a young girl named Liza Aktar(10) from the village of Shakhipur Soilakandi of Bhedarganj Upazila in the district of Shariatpur.

No important organ of human being like kidney, liver, lung and vagina were not found in the body of the little baby. I have a question to the society why these organs were not found. Administrations in our country are still silent although media have published several incidents like this. Will the babies not get justice and will the criminals not be held if people do not take out any movement. Who will take out a big movement for their justice?  Because the babies are very helpless.

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