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Election observers urged not to talk to media on election day

20 November 2018, 5:30:00

Election Commission Secretary Helaluddin Ahmed on Tuesday urged the election observers not to make any comment to the media on the day of the 11th parliamentary elections.

‘The election observers must stay at polling stations like statues, even if there’re irregularities,’ said the secretary while briefing election observers about the rules and regulations while performing duties during the election.

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Besides, Helaluddin said, they will not be allowed to enter the polling stations with mobile phones and restricted polling rooms to take pictures.

In the polling centres, only the police who will be in charge and presiding officers will be able to carry their phones inside, he added.

A total of 118 organisations have so far been registered with the EC to monitor the election.

The EC secretary also warned them not to perform such activities for which their registration might be cancelled.

The 11th parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held on December 30.


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