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Arman Hossain

Senior Correspondent

Every neighborhood glitters amid development by AL govt: Quader

9 January 2021, 5:37:33

Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader today said the country’s every neighborhood is glittering amid the ongoing development spree under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

“Communal extremists threw a challenge to the country’s development. But united efforts of the pro-liberation forces have smashed their venomous teeth. That is why every neighborhood in the country is shinning with lights in the ongoing trend of development and progress,” he said.

He was addressing the inaugural ceremony of a workshop titled ‘Career Workshop: Initiatives to develop youth efficiency and work-plan” at the AL president’s Dhanmondi political office here, joining it virtually from his official residence.

AL sub-committee on education and human resources, in association with the party’s research wing Centre for Research and Information (CRI), arranged the workshop.

Quader said now the nation has been freed from the curse of load-shedding while the service sector is getting changed with the utilization of digital technology.

He laid emphasis on bringing back student politics to its glorious trend of the past.

Those who are pushing the youth towards arson terrorism, extremism and communalism, would have to come out of these negative acts, he said.

The AL general secretary urged the young generation to refrain from drug abuse and cyber crimes.

He said technology is changing the world and making the life easier on one hand, it has negative impacts on the other.

The minister urged the youth to utilize technology in building international standard career keeping away from its negative aspects.

He said AL wants to stay beside the youths, give them guidelines and bring different opportunities in building their career.

Political stability is needed to utilize the strength of youth in building the state, he said, adding the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is working for expansion of youth development activities and strengthening cultural activities and sports for the betterment of the youths.

He underscored the need for engaging meritorious persons in politics and said if meritorious persons do not join politics, the political arena will become brainless.

Chairman of AL sub-committee on education and human resources Prof Dr Abdul Khaleque chaired the function while AL education and human recourses secretary Samsun Nahar Chapa and members of CRI were present on the occasion.

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