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Facebook Released a Documentary on Bangladeshi Group Search English

2 November 2017, 3:13:00

Dhaka, 01 Novermber, 2017 : Recently, Facebook released a documentary on Search English, a Bangladesh-based Facebook Group. Facebook is currently the most popular social network in Bangladesh and for the first time, it released a documentary on a Bangladesh-based group.

The documentary was published on October 25, 2017 (Wednesday) in Facebook Business page. Members of Search English group talked about their experiences in Search English, how the group helped them to further develop their English skills.

Razib Ahmed, S.M. Mehdi Hassan, AbulKhayer, and Neyamot Ullah founded Search English group in June 2016 to encourage people to practice English and improve their skills. The group attracted large number of people within a very short time.

Observing the group’s success, four officials from Facebook’s Singapore office visited Bangladesh and met with the founders and members of the group. The officials took their video interview. Based on these interviews Facebook created the documentary.

Currently, the group has more than four lakh members. There is also a website searchenglish.com. To develop listening, reading, writing, various contents have been posted in the website.

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