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Far too much intolerance of militancy:Theresa May

5 June 2017, 8:44:00

English Prime Minister Theresa May warned that there had been “far too much intolerance of militancy” in UK and that new anti-terror laws will be soon be brought in. Her comments came soon after the London Bridge attack that shook UK on Saturday night.

In her address, she showed her support to the “shoot to kill” policy used by London police in responding to the terror attacks. The prime minister added that police saved “countless lives” by killing the three London bridge attackers within eight minutes on the night the attack took place.

In an attack claimed by the Islamic State, a van mowed down pedestrians on the iconic London Bridge after which three knife-wielding attackers went on a stabbing spree leaving seven dead and injuring 48. The prime minister said the UK “cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are” and added that the government would review its existing counter-terrorism strategy. She also hinted that the government is considering extending prison terms for terror offences to combat “bigotry and hatred.”

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