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IGP in press conference

Farhad Mazhar was not kidnapped

13 July 2017, 5:35:00

Inspector General of Police (IGP) AKM Shahidul Hoque on Thursday said columnist Farhad Mazhar was not kidnapped, rather he left Dhaka and returned on his own accord.


"After analysing data and information, it seems to us Farhad Mazhar left Dhaka and came back of his own," said the IGP in press conference at the Police Headquarters.


The IGP said Mazhar crossed Aricha ferry ghat when his family members informed the law enforcers about his abduction on the morning of July 3.


"Normally abductors use microbus. So, we ordered police across the country to check microbuses, but they didn't find any clue of Mazhar," added Shahidul Hoque.


The IGP said Mazhar called his wife for 10 times and another woman six times.


He said Mazhar roamed around Khulna New Market area from 4pm-6pm.

It was seen in CCTV footage of the market, he said.


"I think he left home of his own and used buses for his journey," added the IGP.


Replying to a query about whether Farhad was carrying a bag or not, the IGP said the columnist had admitted to carrying a bag with him during his statement under section 164 in a court."

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