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Finally, innocent Jahalam walks out of jail

4 February 2019, 12:27:00

Innocent Jahalam, who was in jail for the last three years instead of the real accused in 33 corruption cases, was released from jail early Monday following a High Court order.

He walked out from Kashimpur prison-2 at 1am.

Jail Superintendent Subrata Kumar Bala said his release papers reached the jail on Sunday night. After scrutinising the papers and completing the formalities, Jahalam was set free.

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His family members, including his brother Shananur Miah, received him outside the jail.

In an immediate reaction after his release, Jahalam said, "Following a mistake of the Anti-Corruption Commission, he was in jail for three years without any trial.”

He demanded punishment of those who were responsible behind the incident."

His brother Sahanur also demanded punishment of those who are responsible it and compensation for Jahalam.

Earlier, the High Court bench of Justice FRM Nazmul Ahasan and Justice KM Kamrul Kader on Sunday ordered Deputy Inspector General DIG) of Prisons to immediately release innocent Jahalam who was in jail for the last three years instead of the real accused in 33 corruption cases.

The High Court passed the suo moto order following a newspaper report under a headline “Wrong accused in jail in 33 cases: Sir I am Jahlam, not Salek.”

Supreme Court lawyer Amit Das Gupta placed the news report before the court.

The report said Jahalam, a jute mill worker, has been serving in jail in place of real accused Abu Salek in 33 cases of embezzling Tk 18 crore from Sonali Bank. unb.


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