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Fire at Banani 4-storey building

18 June 2019, 3:54:10

A fire broke out in a four-storey building in Banani. There were no immediate reports of casualties or losses.

Today, on Tuesday (June 18th) at around 2:30 in front of the Banani graveyard, a fire in a four-storey building under the fire on 27th Street. Fire Service brought the fire under control.

The fire service said that the ground floor of the four-storey building was set on fire. At around 2:50 pm, the fire service two vehicles came under control the fire.

The Fire Service said the fire originated from the underground electric meter of the building

Witnesses said that there were offices of the Raj Overseas in the building. After the fire, panic in the building was spread. No one was able to climb up the stairs after the fire spread in the underground. Office officials were trapped. They were heard crying because they saved them from above.

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