First Hajj flight Saturday

13 July 2018, 7:53:00

The Hajj flights carrying Bangladeshi pilgrims to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj this year is set to begin on Saturday.

This year, a total of 1, 26,798 persons will go to Saudi Arabia for performing Hajj.

Of them, 6,798 will perform Hajj under government management while 1,20,000 under private management.

Minister for Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism A K M Shahjahan Kamal will inaugurate the first Biman Hajj flight on Saturday at 7:00 am at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, said a press release of Biman Bangladesh Airlines.

The inaugural Hajj flight BG-1011 will depart from Dhaka at 07:55 am.

The pilgrims will go to Saudi Arabia through 528 hajj agencies. Beginning from Saturday, the Hajj flight will continue till August 15 and the return hajj flight is scheduled to begin on August 27 and will continue till September 25.
Bangladesh Biman will carry 64,967 pilgrims through 187 flights while the rest 61,831 pilgrims will go to Saudi Arabia through 188 flights of Saudi Airlines this year.


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