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For what reason did they kill and how?  

17 January 2017, 11:34:20

Staff Correspondent: Investigators found out the reason behind the seven murders and described how the horrendous killings took place in Narayanganj in 2014.

According to the confessions of the accused in the murder cases, the horrendous incident took place over establishing supremacy and political dispute between councillors Nur Hossain and Nazrul Islam.

Narayanganj city penal mayor Nazrul Islam, three of his associates — Tajul, Liton and Swapan — and his car driver Jahangir, and senior lawyer Chandan Sarkar and his car driver Ibrahim were abducted from Dhaka-Narayanganj link road in broad daylight on April 27, 2014.

Two days after their abduction, their bodies were found floating into the Shitalakkhya River.

A group of RAB members killed Nazrul Islam. The elite force also killed six others to hide evidence as they had witnessed the abduction of Nazrul.

Earlier, Nazrul’s father-in-law Shahidul Islam alleged that some RAB personnel abducted and killed Nazrul in exchange for Tk 6 crore from Narayanganj ward councillor Nur Hossain.

According to the case documents, Nur Hossain, who was vice-president Siddirganj thana-unit Awami League, bribed the convicted RAB members to kill his rival Nazrul Islam over establishing supremacy in Siddhirganj.

However, six other people, including Chandan, were killed as they had witnessed Nazrul’s abduction, they added.

Selina Islam Beauty, wife of Nazrul Islam, told daily sun, “Nur Hosain had killed my husband due to political reasons.”

After arrest of Major Arif Hossain, he gave confessions to a Narayanganj magistrate on June 4, describing the killing mission.

RAB teams, led by Major Arif and Lt commander MM Rana, abducted and killed the seven people and dumped their bodies on April 27, Arif said in his statement.

Prime accused Nur Hossain provided the officers with necessary information and ensured that there was no public gathering at Kanchpur ghat area on that night so that the RAB members could dump the bodies in the river.

Arif said then commanding officer of RAB-11 Tareque Sayeed Mohammad assigned him to kill Nazrul during an officer’s conference in March, and ordered Narayanganj camp commander Lt Commander Masud Rana to assist him.

At one stage after the abductions on April 27, Arif called his CO and told him that Nazrul and six others had been picked up.

He sought instructions for the next course of action. In reply, Tareque ordered him to kill all the seven, mentioning that there should be no eyewitnesses.

Finally, before committing the murders, Arif informed Tareque that his team was ready to kill and dump the seven people. The CO replied, “Ok, go ahead.”

The RAB men injected Nazrul and six others with anesthetics and then smothered them to death with plastic bags.

The bodies were loaded on the trawler waiting at Kanchpur Ghat around 1:00am and the RAB members steered off to the Meghna confluence from Kanchpur.

Then, they dumped the bodies in the Meghna river confluence in the early hours of April 28. Later, their bodies were found floating in the Shitalakkhya River.

Police said the murderers cut their bellies and tied their bodies with brick sacks before throwing them into the water. They were blindfolded and their hands and legs were tied.

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