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Former APS of Suronjit, Faruque jailed for 5 years  

22 January 2017, 12:45:29

Staff Correspondent: Court sentenced former Railway Minister Sengupta’s APS Omar Faruque Talukder five years in prison in the case of wealth beyond known sources of income.

At the same time, had been fined 1 crore and 23 lac taka.

The Supreme Court passed the order on Sunday noon.

Note that, under the illegal income case, Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) submitted a charge sheet to the court against Omar Faruque Talukder in November 22.

According to the charge-sheet, Faruque has wealth worth over Tk 14.2 million earned through illegal means.

In the wealth statement submitted to the Commission, Faruque allegedly concealed information about his wealth worth over Tk 0.3 million.

Faruque came under the ACC scanner after he was caught with about Tk 7 million in cash allegedly taken in exchange for promises to recruit people to the Bangladesh Railway. He was the APS of the then Railways Minister Suranjit, who was moved out of the ministry after the incident.

Faruque claimed the money to be his own.

Former Director General of Railway's Eastern Zone Yusuf Ali Mridha and Railway Polices Commandant Enamul Hoque were also with Faruque at the time.

Suranjit suspended his APS after the incident and so were Mridha and Enamul. The driver Azam Khan, however, had been missing since the incident.

However, in a television interview at an undisclosed place Azam claimed the money was taken as bribe for making appointments in the railways and the money was being carried to Suranjit.

Suranjit, however, brushed aside the allegation.

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